What we hear the most from vacationers:

Is how easy it is to rent a vacation home from Kiawahsands. We hear this ALL THE TIME!

We make it simple by following up on the big things:

Like making sure gate passes are waiting for you at the main gate

And the small things:

Like making sure the gas grill has gas!

Vacationer Reviews:

-    “Great place!” (405 Amaranth) 5 of 5 starsReviewed on TripAdvisor July 17, 2015 NEW Large beach house, sparsely decorated so you don't feel like you are intruding in someone's place, bathrooms are good, especially the shower / bathroom from the pool. Owner was immediately attentive when needed. He cared. House is close to beach. Quiet cul de sac. Alligator female made her regular visits to our side of the lagoon, we loved that! Pool is small but perfect for cooling off after a bike ride. Great location on the island. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you!

-    “Would come back tomorrow ...” 5 of 5 starsReviewed June 29, 2015 NEW We typically rent through realty companies, and decided to try a direct rental this time. We were thrilled. The house was light and airy ... with a nicely updated kitchen, a large living room with a sleeping loft above and a fireplace [neither of which we used] ... 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths down the hall. The back of the house is on one of the Kiawah ponds, and the first morning we were there, we had about a 3-hour show of egrets and herons--dozens of them--flying from one end of the pond to the other, often landing right in front of the house to spend time fishing for breakfast. [Note: we also had an alligator who hung out on the pond bank in front of the house one morning. He was only about 4-4.5', but we still gave him lots of room. Steve, the owner, made the rental process really easy ... from offering lots of detailed information about the house and rules of the island to providing a stamped envelope for returning the keys. We wouldn't hesitate to rent from him again. If you visit this or one of his other houses on the island, be sure to have dinner at least once at Chez Fish [call ahead for reservations or you could have a long wait].

-    May, 2015 (408 Amaranth) what a wonderful vacation we enjoyed on Kiawah. Our first 2-1/2 days in Charleston were packed full with things to see (and places to eat) that we really needed the respite 408 Amaranth provided. The house was immaculate and Monday night as we turned out the lights to go to sleep - I realized there were no sounds and no light. I can't remember having such a peaceful sleep. We spotted our gator on Tuesday morning and have named him "Gary". Wednesday and Thursday we also saw baby gator. The screened porch was the perfect spot for wildlife watching. One of the former guests had left some clothing in the right top drawer of the dresser in the master bedroom. We left it in that drawer. We rented bikes and enjoyed some good, long rides through some of the most amazing picturesque neighborhoods. It is truly one of the most beautiful and tranquil places we've ever visited. We definitely will return and understand why you would want to have a home there. Best regards, J.

-    May, 2015   (405 Amaranth)We love the house - were very comfortable here and hope to come back next year.  The screened-in porch is perfect --  alligators fascinating.  Loved cooking fresh fish each day, cycling and walking on the the beach.  THANK YOU!!

March, 2013 -     414 Amarnath.  Thank you for the use of your house at 414 Amaranth.  It’s a very nice house and we thoroughly enjoyed it – it’s cleanliness and spaciousness & the location.  Definitely would return and/or recommend it to other wishting to go to Kiawah.

June 2014  -  405 Amaranth.  Thanks for everything.  We had the time of our lives!

June, 2014  --  408 Amaranth.  I brought my own detergent and sponges so I am sending back your 20$.  Everything was great and we had a lovely time.  Your home was immaculate which is most appreciated as I am an OCD physician.

May, 2014   --  408 Amaranth.  A beautiful home and setting.  Thank you so much.

June, 2014  --  405 Amaranth.  We had another fantastic 2 weeks.  Thanks for making your house available to us once again.  It was great.  The 2nd sink in the master bedroom was slow to drain and I called Martha.  A man came right out and cleaned it and it works fine now.  We had a very nice time.

-    April, 2013 (414 Amaranth)  Here is the $20 back.  The house was well stocked with all that stuff. This has been a really great rental experience and I really appreciate the great car you’ve take to ensure our comfort/ease of use.  Here are a couple of small things I think the house could use.  Believe me, these aren’t criticisms as the place was well equipped (I can’t believe you have Henkels 5-Star knives!  But….  I had brought my own!).  Thanks again, it’s been tremendous working w/ you. 

April, 2013 (408 Amaranth)  We loved the house and had a great trip.  We hot to go back again next year.  The deck was great for watching the alligator families and the beach was perfect.

June, 2012 - 332 Catbrier  --  the house was wonderful and we had a great time.  We enjoyed the lagoon, the alligators and everything.  I really appreciated the fact that everything was extremely clean.

June, 2012 – 405 Amaranth  --  We ahd a wonderful time and love the house.  We restocked everything.  Everything worked very well in the house.  The lock on the back white door was a little temperamental but is behaving today.  Overall, everything was perfect.  The wagon for the beach was awesome.  We would love to rent again for 2012.  Thank you so very much!

July 2012  --  408 Amaranth  --  We very much enjoyed our stay.  We found everything in order.  Thank you for all you good information.  All questions were answered ahead of time so that made it nice. 

July 2012 --  408 Amaranth  --  We ahd a wonderful week at 408 Amaranth.  The house was comfortable and clean.  The beginning of the week was cool in the mornings and we were able to enjoy the screened porch.  We certainly appreciated the use of the beach chairs and having the odor shower after returning from the beach with ‘little folks”.  The kitchen was adequately equipped and we cooked in most of the time.  We loved having the use of the grill.  Thanks for a very nice place to spend a week.  Kiawah is a wonderful place.  We will return as a couple and as a family.

August 2011  - 414 Amaranth – The place was wonderful! Thank you for letting us use it.  We’ll look you up if we are ever in SC again.

August 2011  -  408 Amaranth  -  Your house was perfect for what our family needed for our stay at Kiawah.  What a lovely place to be.  Did you train the alligator to come to your deck?  We enjoyed our stay so much.  We especially appreciated your allowing us to rent through Sunday which is not the norm around here.

July 2012  --  332 Catbrier  --  Here are your keys back.  I grudgingly return them to you, because we could havestayed there forever!!  The house was wonderful – plenty of room for everyone and very short walk to the beach.  We went all over the island looking at the gorgeous homes and enjoying the wildlife (saw a baby shark, alligators and even a dolphin!)  We’re already looking at next year’s calendar, so be prepared to hear from us again.

- July, 2011 (405 Amaranth)   Wonderful time - Perfect house for us.  Need info about the island, maps.  Everything else terrific.

-  March, 2011  (405 Amaranth)   The house was wonderful, & we had a great time.  We enjoyed the lagoon, the alligator, everything!  I really appreciated the fact that everything was extremely clean.      I hope to be back.  Thank you for such an excellent place to spend our week!

-  December, 2010  (332 Catbrier)    Once again, many thanks! We had a great stay.  Pool was a BIG HIT !  Will be in touch concerning next Thanksgiving / Christmas wee next year.  Thank you.

-  October, 2010  (408 Amaranth)    We just wanted to tell you how very much we enjoyed our stay at 408 Amaranth Road the past 2 weeks.  Kiawah Island was at its peak.  We never saw a cloud in the sky.  The weather was perfect for biking, beaching, star gazing, etx.  You house was very accommodating.  We just loved the screened porch.  We were treated to daily nature displays.  Our most favorite was watching the mother alligator cruise around in the lagoon with her baby perched on her back.  It was really cool!

 -   Aug 8, 2010  (405 Amaranth)  Thanks for renting your home to us.  Everything went well.  House was pristing clean.  Thanks!

 -   August 2010 (405 Amaranth)  --  The house was GREAT!  Loved it - right down to the growling gator today.  Everyone enjoyed the pool.  I'm leaving a puzzle and some old dominos (don't have the directions but you can downlad on internet - Mexico train - lots of fun. 

 -  July, 2010  (405 Amaranth)   Home was lovely and we much enjoyed our family gathering there.

 -  July 2010  (332 Catbrier)  Everything was great!   Thanks.

 -         July 24, 2010  (405 Amaranth)  We had a great vacation.  Loved the house!

 -   July 10, 2010  (332 Catbrier)  Our trip went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Your property and services were above expectations.

 -   July 24, 2010  (408 Amaranth)  I thought two weeks would be a long time to spend at Kiawah, but we weren’t ready to leave when our last day arrived.  Your home was very comfortable and fit our needs, only wish there was a shower at the closer boardwalk to the beach.  The baby alligators put on a show for us every day and really enjoyed biking down the rive to see the dolphins.   Thanks again for opening your home to us.

 -   July 10, 2010  (408 Amaranth)  Thanks for allowing us to stay at your home.  We had a gread vacation and wonderful accommodation.  We experienced two sea turtles making a next on the beach and an alligator in the back yard.  We can talk about this vacation for years to come!  Thanks.

 -   July 10, 2010  (414 Amarnath)  Another great week!

 -   July 4, 2010  (414 Amaranth)  the beach house at 414 Amaranth is a very nice property.  The convenience of being an easy walking distance to the beach is a strength of this location.  The beach being semi-private for owners/guests is another plus for this rental.  The size of the home and overall open layout make for an enjoyable stay.  An additional point is that it is not a very long drive to Charleston and there are numerous attractions, eating establishments and shopping areas to meet the needs of a variety of interests.  The house is light and natural light comes into every room of the home.  The décor is basic, but fits in with the beach theme for the week.  We have a family of five and the tree bedroom and 2.5 bath layour fit us perfectly.  We enjoyed our stay and had a great vamily vations.  This trip was probably the last time all five of us will travel together, so it was  indeed a special time that created fond memories that we will reflect back on over the years.

-   June 19, 2010  (332 Catbrier)  Had a great time.  Talk to you next year!

 -   July 3, 2010  (405 Amaranth)  House was great  --  thanks for the beach chairs.

 -   June 5, 2010  (414 Amaranth)  Once again, we had a glorious time in Kaiwah.  Thank you so much for working with us to arrange a much needed vacation.  We appreciated it very much.  We’ll e-mail some pictures.  We really appreciated the wagon.

-   April 2010 (405 Amaranth)  - Our stay couldn't have been any better.  I think it was our first full day when Sandy asked "when are we going to send Steve our deposit for next year!".

-   April 2010 (405 Amaranth)  -  "Last week was the best we have ever experience in our 21 years of visiting Kiawah.  Your home is beautiflul.  We hope to return next Spring, if not sooner"

- October 2009 (405 Amaranth) -- Having rented on Kiawah for more than 15 years, we found your home to be our favorite ever. You have all the conveniences and beauty of a newly renovated, state-of-the-art luxury home with a lagoon, deck and heated pool to enjoy right out the back door. But then you have Kiawah's beautiful beach just a few yards away. We're not sure which we enjoyed more! Thanks for taking the time to cover all the "details" that set this vacation home miles
ahead of all the other rentals we've experienced.

408 Amaranth Sept 12-19, 2009

The entire family had a great time.  The weather was perfect for us to enjoy the beach, the bike trails, and a boat ride to see the dolphins and pelicans.  Most of us got to the beach to see the sunrise each day.  We really hated to leave after such a great week.
The house was perfect for our needs.  I did let the cleaning ladies know that the temperature controls on the new washing machine may be off.  It seems like the warm was hot with a warm rinse.  Cold seems like warm.
We did restock supplies for the next guest.  
I am retaining your information for a future return trip.  Thank you!  

414 July 18, 2009

I am returning your $20.  There are some of each of those items there.  We repurchased some items.  We accidentally broke 2 wine glasses.  We had a great time.  I almost forgot.  One beach chair was badly damaged when we arrived.  We used it once but had to throw it away.

408 Amaranth July 18, 2009

Everything was wonderful.  Thanks for sharing this wonderful house with us.  We love Kiawah and hope to be back.

408 July 25, 2009

Enjoyed our stay in Kiawah very much.  Weather was great.  (steamy hot but Great!>  We also enjoyed you home very much.  The location is very convenient to the beach and we loved the lagoon views.  <complete w/ 7 ft alligator!>
The house was great & just the right size for our family.  The only item to note @ all was that one of the kitchen chairs has a loose leg on it.  Thanks for a great week!

332 July 4-11, 2009

Thanks!  Our family had a great time on KI.  Your Catbrier house was as comfy as we remembered it to be when we stayed there a couple of years earlier.  The 405 Amaranth is really cool – nice floor plan and design in general.  Thanks for the preview.  Hope to be back in December for the Marathon !

408 Amaranth  June 2009

Enclosed are the keys to 408 Amaranth.  Thanks for a wonderful house for us ti stay in.  We loved Kiawah and would love to stay again in oue of your homes if we come back.  We especially loved the alligators!   Thanks again for your efficiency and diligence.  Hope to rent from you again in the futute.

414 June 20, 2009
The house was great  --  we had another good vacation.

332 Catbrier June 20, 2009
FROM THE MOM OF…..The house is amazing!  It made our vacation far more comfortable than we could have imagined.  Thank you very much!

414 May 23, 2009
Our week at 414 was wonderful.  Our family has been coming to Kiawah for 10 years and it is a treasured week to spend time with just our children and grandchildren.  The ocean calls our name – we love it!   Please keep us updated on 405 Amaranth for next year!  Thank you!  

408 May 16, 2009
You had 2 dishwasher detergents 1 full one and 1 ½ full with new scrubby we didn’t use.  We restocked everything else.  Thank you!  Peaceful and quiet.  Thank you for letting us see 332 Catbrier – beautiful and spacious enough for more family.  We peeked into 405 Amaranth and saw lovely living room and oak floor.  Rest was off limits due to work being done.  Thanks for letting us ask the workman for a peek.  It looks like it will be a wonderful home!
Lots of baby alligators, egrets, pelicans and black skimmers on the lagoon.  Excellent location!  Thank you!

414 Amaranth April 4-11, 2009

Thank you very much for letting us stay in your house on Kiawah Island.  We loved the island, the beach, the nature center and the kids programs.  We very much enjoyed your house.  The layout is beautiful and very convenient.  We especially loved how light came in through the windows.  
The handling of the keys, parking permits and contact was very convenient.  Thank you.  All the best!

408 Amaranth 2009
Had a great time – loved how close it was to the beach.  Floor plan is very nice and easy to live in.  Loved watching the baby alligators in the lagoon.  Thanks for the $20 – we replaced supplies.  All in all, we had a great time and enjoyed our stay.  Would like to know where/how to recycle?

332 Catbrier April 4, 2009
Thank you so much.  We had a wonderful time.  Your house is a dream.  One of the chairs outside on the lower deck needs to be glued or have a screw put in it is loose.  Thanks again for a grand week.

332 April 11-25, 2009
We didn’t want to come back home!!  Needed a couple more weeks!  Our kids (actually not kids anymore since they’re all 25 and older) had a ball.  Thanks for sharing your house.  We had a very relaxing vacation.

-July 2008 (414) --  Sorry it took so long to return the keys - I just found the envelope.  The place was great; we really enjoyed the week & hope to rent there next year.  We have told our friends about the places you tent too.

-August 2008 (408)- We had a delightful week.  Thank you so much.  I especially appreciated the quality bed!

-July 2008 (405) - We throughly enjoyed our stay this week.  We even enjoyed the daily visits by the alligator in the marsh.  We called him "Big Daddy"

-August 2008 (408) - We enjoyed your house.  Great location, comfortable beds and furniture.  I love your kitchen pots & pans; it makes eating in so much easier.  Thanks for the use of your chairs for the beach.  All in all, lovely accomdations!

-August 2008 (332) - We had a great stay and found the house could easily hold our large group - 7 adults & 5 kids!  We LOVED having two dishwashers :-) and the close access to the beach.  I'll be in touch about renting again over next Labor Day.

-August 2008 (408) - It was a wonderful house with a good location and kitchen was well-stocked with quality cookware.  We enjoyed the alligators in teh pont out back.  Everything was great.  Thanks.


            We had a glorious time at your home – it is beautiful!  The layout of the home was perfect for my husband and I and both sets of parents for the week.  We had unseasonably warm weather and enjoyed golf and walks on the beach. We would love to come back and stay next year and will have to schedule with you accordingly.

Thank you again for everything.



I'm writing to say that we really enjoyed staying at your place.  All of the members of our group commented that they enjoyed the house and the lagoon view.  The marathon was nearly perfect as well -- 50-60 degree weather and no rain. It was a great experience.



We had a great time and your house was wonderful.  Thank you so much. Being a nurse I am so impressed that you included medical information-great idea.



Just a note to follow up on your request for feedback on how our stay went. We had a really great vacation and your home was an integral part of our experience.  It is lovely and well appointed, with lots of extras that we did not expect but very much appreciated. It was very thoughtful of you to have such conveniences as plastic wrap, dish and laundry detergent and lots of towels available to us, for example. The entire space and flow worked very well for us too. We went biking on the beach every day and the easy access was another asset.

            Thanks for everything!


We had a great time.  The weather was nice – locals probably thought it to be a little chilly but when you’re from Boston, it was tropical to us.  My kids love the house and the area.  They are already talking about coming down next April vacation.  I’ll be in touch.  Thank you.


We had an absolutely wonderful time! the size of your house is perfect for our family. The only problem was I wish we could have stayed 2 weeks! Hopefully we can plan a 2 week stay in the near future. We hope to be able to rent it again next year around the same time. We had no complaints at all. Again - Thank you so much!


We had a *wonderful* vacation on Kiawah.  Your home was as lovely as promised and the perfect spot for our family.  Your kitchen design is great,
and we enjoyed many meals and evenings there.  We were also fortunate enough to have an entire week without clouds and rain!


405 Amaranth  --  Great place!  We enjoyed our stay especially getting to know the alligator.  We liked the ability to grill out.  We liked the access
to the beach too!!
We surely enjoyed 2 glorious weeks in your beautiful home!  We appreciated
how clean and sleek the decor was.  The hardwood floors are so pretty.  Our
in-laws rental [at another property] had a "musty" odor - and yours had none
of that.  There was tons of room which made everyone happy.  Most of all -
the view was breathtaking!  Hopefully we were good stewards of your home.
Thank you for helping create great memories.    -- vacationer from Ohio.